MECAPI - MeCab Web Service (MeCab API)

Use "MeCab", the Japanese morphological analyzer, via Web service !!!
[SENTENCE] ==> MeCab Web Service ==> [Results of Morphological Analysis in XML]

response: (surface,feature,pos,inflection,baseform,pronounciation)
filter: format:

Request URL

Request parameters

sentencestring (required)The sentence to be analyzed (Japanse, UTF-8)
response surface, feature, pos, inflection, baseform, pronounciation Controls the data returned by the operation.
surface : Surface string of words.
feature : Various information. Contains pos, inflection, baseform and pronounciation
pos : Part-Of-Speech of the word.
inflection : Type and form of inflection.
baseform : Baseform of the word.
pronounciation : Pronounciation of the word.
Default: "surface,feature"
filter noun, uniq Filters the words in the result of MeCab by the operation.
noun : ignores the words whose part-of-speech is not noun.
uniq : removes duplicate words and count them.
Default: ""
format xml, json Specifies the output format. Default: "xml"
callback string The name of the callback function to wrap around the JSON data. If format=json has not been requested, this parameter is ignored.

Sample Request Url:

Response fields

MecabResultContains all of the results.
wordContains each individual word.
surfaceSurface string of a word.
featureContains pos, inflection, baseform and pronounciation.
posPart-Of-Speech of the word.
inflectionType and form of inflection.
baseformBaseform of the word.
pronounciationPronounciation of the word.
countThe frequency of words in the result. (for filter=uniq)

Sample response

Source Code


original version by Tatsuo Yamashita, since 2006.9.18.
modified by YOU.